Keep Buildings Safe with a Fire Prevention and Public Access

08/21/2018 | By Valerie Dennis Craven

My birthday falls on or near National Fire Prevention Week – the Sunday to Saturday that includes Oct. 9. I remember in elementary school looking forward to the week; I got to learn about important information and get a year older.

Growing up in the Midwest and having visited Chicago a few times already in my early years, I saw firsthand how the Second City had to rebuild because of the Great Chicago Fire.

There’s a reason that fire prevention has a week devoted to it, and it’s emphasized from elementary school on. It’s important and everyone can take an active role in fire detection and suppression. Are you doing all you can to keep your tenants and occupants safe?

In the cover story “Your Fire Safety System Could Be Falling Short,” we break down what you need to be aware of and think about to keep everyone safe.

Different buildings and types of occupants have different needs. Make sure you’re focusing on doing everything you can to keep everyone in your building safe and your fire protection system optimized and up to code. And be sure to look through the images of what not to do for fire safety! There are some surprises and good reminders in there. (Pictured: This strobe is hidden behind a plant where it cant be seen easily during an emergency. Photo: Johnson Controls)

Another important safety issue is the balance of public access and security in your building. It’s important to decide how to provide the right level of security to the right people to keep a building secure but accessible. In “Improve Your Building’s Access Control System,” find out whether your building has the correct level of security and what you can do to improve it.

Speaking of safety, if you will be at the Global Security Exchange show later this month, I will be there looking for new and interesting products and trends to share with the BUILDINGS audience. Reach out if you have something unique that our readers should be aware of.

We are still taking your submissions telling us about your strangest occupant complaint or request. We want to include it in an upcoming article.

Submit Your Strangest Occupant Requests Now

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