Embrace IoT to Achieve Your Building Goals

08/01/2018 | By Valerie Dennis Craven

Last year, I purchased my first smart-home device, a learning thermostat. I had been thinking about getting one for a while, but was hesitant. I knew that, while I wanted to connect my home to the Internet of Things (IoT), it was difficult to know where to begin. Even thinking about how to make my devices to talk to one another proved to be time-consuming.

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Once I decided on a thermostat and saw how easy it was to control from my mobile device, I quickly began researching other technology I could use. My smart home is now more connected, and I love the convenience and efficiency that comes with it. However, even when looking into lighting options (including smart bulbs and plugs), there were so many choices.

It was easy to get bogged down in options.

For facilities managers, it can be difficult to know where to begin with IoT devices. There seems to be a solution and option for every possible need. To get started in the right direction, determine where you want to focus your improvements.

Typically, you’ll look at one of four categories: energy, equipment, environmental quality, and people or spaces. Think about what you would like to accomplish with your initial IoT investment. From there, choose a deployment and setup strategy.

In “What is IoT? How Smart Building Technology is Changing Facilities Management,” we provide more information and a framework to help evaluate the above issues that can keep you from getting started on an IoT journey.

Find out how smart building technology is helping facilities managers solve problems and achieve their goals.

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