The Human Side of Lighting Goes Beyond Illumination

04/01/2019 | By Valerie Dennis Craven

Last year, only a few months into joining BUILDINGS, I attended my first Lightfair. The innovations, trends and conversations that stuck out from the show focused on what can be done with lighting beyond simply providing illumination to a space. It brings a human element to our wellbeing.

Before I attended Lightfair, I took lighting for granted, using it to see better without a thought of what else could be achieved. Some innovations that I always find interesting include:

Deeper Look at Lighting Capabilities

As people constantly spend more time indoors, it’s important to consider the impact that lighting can have on wellbeing. Enter: human-centric lighting. Staff writer Sarah Kloepple looks at the technology, the suggested benefits to your tenants and what you should consider before investing in it.

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How do you properly illuminate a priceless work of art? That question was asked of the Nevelson Chapel at Saint Peter’s Church in New York. Home to the last installation by modernist artist Louise Nevelson that remains in its original location, the lighting needed to better protect the art. LED lights allowed for a decrease in the amount of heat and light damage. Find out how the lighting project is protecting the artwork while providing light to visitors.

BUILDINGS 2019 Money-Saving Products Winners

You are going to want to check out this year’s Money-Savings Products winners. We received many submissions for consideration and are pleased to share the 65 products that will save you money on your job and in your facility.

The BUILDINGS staff picked three products that rose to the top as Editor’s Choice winners:

Find out more about these products and all the others recognized for saving you money.

Valerie Dennis Craven


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