Control This Smart Shower With Your Voice

06/12/2019 | By Valerie Dennis Craven

When you need a shower, there’s few things better than having it perfectly prepared and waiting for you when you are ready.

The U by Moen smart shower can provide that. The Wi-Fi and cloud-based digital shower is ideal for hotel guests seeking an extra comfort when away from home, workout facilities or an added office perk.

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“At Moen, we’re committed to developing smart innovations that enhance people’s everyday experiences with water,” says Michael Poloha, group manager, IoT, Moen, in a news release.

U by Moen users have three choices in how to use the system:

1. Touch panel: Hit the power button to activate the shower and push the button for the water experience you want. Once finished, hit power again to shut off.

U by Moen

2. Phone app: Use the app via phone to activate the shower. This has additional features, including a water warmup option.

U by Moen phone app

It warms the water to a desired temperature and, once it reaches that temperature, it will shut the water off. It then goes into a pause mode until you hit the power button again to re-activate.

3. Voice-activated service: Turn on the shower via a home voice activated service. There’s support for Amazon, Google and Apple.  You can use Amazon, Google and Apple voice assistants. Because it’s cloud based, the features will always be up to date.

U by Moen Alexa voice activated

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