AIA Conference: Product Solutions for Your Building

06/13/2019 | By Christoph Trappe

Take a stroll through the AIA Conference floor with me as I meet with various companies showcasing their new and innovative product solutions. You may just find the answer you are looking for to solve your next problem.

Security in Parking Garages, Retail and Schools

Cornell Cookson creates security options for parking garages, retail and schools.Security is one of the top items on the minds of facility managers and owners—and your occupants. I spoke with Adrienne Reitz from Cornell Cookson about the latest security trends in parking garages, retail and schools. Listen now >>

Snippet from their conversation: 

Adrienne Reitz: We’re seeing a lot of mixed-use applications in the commercial space, where you have residential and public parking coming together. And in some areas, the residents don’t necessarily want the public to be able to access their cars and their property there.

Listen to the whole conversation here.

Movable Power, Decorative AC Units and More

Christoph saw some interesting product solutions for facility managers and building owners. One is a movable power option from Connectrac, which allows for the ever-changing dynamics of open plan offices and flexible spaces.

Another is a way to encompass your AC unit into your whole building design, making it a functional and decorative resource. 

Find out more about these solutions.

BIM Perpetual License—Your Projects Are Yours

Going month-to-month on a typical subscription is a thing of the past. Industry expert Sarah Barrett shares their perpetual license that allows users to keep the BIM software permanently. Listen now >>

If podcasts aren’t your thing, you can read the article instead.

Bird’s Eye View from the Floor at AIA

Skylights and aerial photography—they have more in common than you may think. One provides a more efficient way to assess roof damage. The other makes your occupants happier. Get a view from a different angle and find out how both of these products from Vectorworks and VELUX can benefit your building. Read more >>

Acoustical Solutions For an Open Office

You can’t run a facility without considering acoustics and the role they play in productivity and occupant happiness. Here is CertainTeed’s take on effective acoustical solutions that fit into the design of your building. Take a look >>

CertainTeed Acoustical panels

You can also listen to the conversation between Christoph and Chris Bourque, CertainTeed, here.

Commercial AC Unit Marries Function with Design

You can’t argue that commercial AC units are nice to look at. They just aren’t. Until now. LG Electronics’ new air conditioning unit gives you an opportunity to customize the look of your AC unit to fit your space. Easily insert your favorite picture, company logo or announcement to showcase in the front of it. Learn more >>

Look and Feel of Real Wood with the Benefits of Laminate

Real wood. It’s beautiful and solid (and can be heavy). But what happens when it ages and fades? You have to replace the entire product. Lisa Thronton from Egger Wood Products shares the many benefits of using laminate materials for items like desks and doors, including cost-effectiveness, lighter weight and more. Listen now >> 

Evolution of Architectural Licensing and Its Importance

Building owners and facility managers may not be directly tied to architectural licensing and the 100-year history of how the NCARB evolved to help provide education and other resources to architects. But it’s an interesting conversation and provides insight into why these regulations are in place to protect you, your facility and your occupants. Learn something new >>

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