Live from IFMA 2019: Water Dispensing Services Offer Cleaner, Flavored Water

10/18/2019 | By Sarah Kloepple

WaterlogicKeeping tenants hydrated is important. But cleaning the water dispenser and lugging heavy refill bottles might fall lower than other tasks on your to-do list.

At the 2019 IFMA World Workplace conference and expo in Phoenix, two third-party water management companies offer unique water dispensers that come with maintenance contracts—meaning the company takes the tasks of cleaning and monitoring water dispensers off your hands.

Disinfected Water with Waterlogic

Waterlogic is a purified water cooler service. The company showcased its Firewall UV water disinfection technology at IFMA World Workplace 2019.

Most water dispensers with UV disinfection only use the technology inside the tank. Waterlogic’s technology disinfects all the way up to the dispensing point.

“People touching the dispensing point cannot transfer bacteria, viruses or parasites,” says Marty Tisckos (below), senior director of national accounts, vertical markets for Waterlogic. It makes the machines especially resilient against users possibly passing along an infection.

He adds that the technology is cleaner than the typical bottled water dispenser, which “few people clean regularly,” even though it should be cleaned with bleach every six weeks or between bottle changes (whichever comes first).

Facility managers and building owners can rent Firewall-equipped dispensers from Waterlogic with an annual maintenance contract.

Flavored Water With Quench

Quench provides water dispensing machines and models to a variety of markets across North America, with the options of plain, sparkling and flavored water.

Mike Thomas, vice president of national accounts for Quench (below), says that with a Quench dispenser, the company’s technicians are responsible for replacing and cleaning the machine.

Waterlogic HomescreenInstead of lugging and storing bulky 5-gallon water bottles around the office, Quench dispensers can be installed, managed and maintained without a facility manager or occupant  having to lift a finger.

“The machine should function in your environment without you having to worry about it,” Thomas says. He adds that sparkling water has been a trend in the water service industry, with users wanting a fizzy option without the calories and sugar found in soda.

At IFMA World Workplace 2019, Quench displayed its popular Bevi smart water machine. To use it:

1. Choose from four flavors (the sample machine offered peach-mango, lemon, raspberry and blackberry-lime)

2. Select plain or sparkling

3. Hold down the button on the touchscreen to dispense the water

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