Schools Get Cool with Climate Action Toolkit

03/18/2005 |

Clean Air-Cool Planet offers a comprehensive resource


Clean Air-Cool Planet ( is helping campuses become more climate friendly by providing a comprehensive guide to and resource for this purpose. The goals for the Campus Climate Action Toolkit (CCAT) were twofold – to provide a model while guiding users on every aspect of campus climate action, using hyperlinks to technical resources and case studies.


After 5 years of experience working with experts and institutions in the Northeast – namely Tuft University, University of New Hampshire, University of Vermont, Middlebury College, and Harvard – Clean Air-Cool Planet was inspired to create this online resource.


CCAT is available online. However, partners in the Clean Air-Cool Planet’s Campuses for Climate Action program have special access via password. Program partners are thus able to contribute feedback, content, and suggestions. This information will facilitate future improvements and refinements to CCAT over time. The toolkit was developed to help institutional decision-makers at Northeast colleges and universities make strides toward reducing global warming. To find out more, visit Clean Air-Cool Planet’s website (

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