Post 9/11 Security Advice Available for Real Estate Managers from IREM

05/31/2005 |

New book addresses the latest building security measures


Security has changed dramatically since 9/11. To address these changes, the Chicago-based Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) has updated and expanded its book, Spotlight on Security for Real Estate Managers. In its second version, the book provides information on the following topics:

  • Legal issues such as negligence and liability.
  • Crime prevention strategies including neighborhood watch programs and community policing.
  • Asset protection strategies for different types of properties.
  • A variety of security measures including access control systems, intrusion alarms, CCTV monitoring, and use of security officers.

Spotlight on Security, in its second edition, includes new chapters that cover the relationship between security and fire protection, security in the mailroom, protecting computers and data from viruses and hackers, destruction of confidential documents and records, and security at construction sites. New appendices are also featured.

The book is authored by law enforcement expert Lawrence Fennelly, but includes contributions from other security experts as well. To find out more, visit ( or call IREM Customer Service at (800) 837-0706 to order.

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