New York Schools Go Green with Sustainable Cleaners Legislation

08/09/2005 |

An executive order, New York State bill, and city council’s legislation call for less hazardous cleaners


New York City and the State of New York are cleaning up schools with less hazardous, environmentally responsible products. On April 18, 2005 (National Healthy Schools Day), Governor George E. Pataki announced plans to introduce legislation that would require the use of environmentally sensitive (or green) cleaning products in all New York schools. With the passing of this legislation by the New York Senate and Assembly in June, the next step is the governor’s signature.

The governor’s Executive Order will mandate that all state-owned school facilities use environmentally preferable cleaners that are both effective and reduce the impact to workers, occupants, and the environment. In his April address, Pataki explained: “Our children are our most precious resource and parents deserve to know that their children are learning in an environment that is clean, safe, and free of any unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals.”

The “Greening Our Cleaning Act,” which is the New York City Council’s legislation, requires use of cleaners that meet Green Seal standard GS-37 and floorcare products that meet GS-40.

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