Roofing Coating Technology Helps California Owners Meet Stricter Title 24 Energy Code

10/13/2005 |

One manufacturer launches an online educational campaign on the pros of white coatings


The updated version of Title 24, California’s energy-efficiency design and construction standards, became effective on October 1, 2005. In order to reduce energy consumption by the state’s non-residential buildings, the standard is now more stringent than before. One elastomeric roofing coating ingredient supplier, Philadelphia-based Rohm & Haas, has responded by launching an educational campaign to spread the word about how roof coating technology can assist with compliance.

The campaign, named “Title 24: Coat it, You’re Covered!” explains what roofing projects and building types must comply. It also details the importance of how all aspects of the building envelope must work together to meet the code’s requirements.

Information is available online ( about how acrylic elastomeric “cool roof” coating technology can lower roof temperatures and energy loads while still allowing owners to specify many common roofing systems, including modified bitumen, EPDM, metal, and built-up. According to Rohm & Haas Market Manager Bernadette Corujo, “These more complicated and sometimes confusing energy regulations, aimed at reducing energy consumption in the state don’t necessarily require more expensive building plans and building envelope designs to ensure that commercial buildings comply with Title 24 standards.”

To find out how elastomeric white roof coatings can be part of your compliance solution, visit (

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