Association Offers Help Finding Energy-Efficient Roofs

02/21/2006 |

New program educates individuals on environmentally friendly roof options

The Rosemont, IL-based National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and its industry partners have developed a program to educate roofing professionals and end-users about how roof systems can contribute to reducing energy costs and protecting the environment. The program is SpecRight; the tagline is “Save your energy. You’ve found the right roof.”

The SpecRight Program was devised in early 2005 by NRCA and is supported by its industry partners. The program is designed to educate contractors, the design community, building owners, and homeowners on how to conserve energy and protect the environment through quality roof systems. The SpecRight Program will educate contractors on how energy savings and environmental protection can be achieved through roof system design, materials, installation, and maintenance. Roofing contractors who are properly trained will be able to help building owners make informed decisions about roof systems.

A public relations campaign designed to inform the design and building owner communities about the SpecRight Program was launched at the 2006 Intl. Roofing Expo. The roofing industry can help save energy and contribute to conserving the environment, and the SpecRight Program gives contractors the tools to make that happen. The first two training sessions for the program will be held March 17 in Chicago and April 18 in San Francisco. To learn more about the SpecRight Program, visit ( This information was reprinted from the National Roofing Contractors Association website (

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