ConsensusDOCS Poised to Change the Industry

10/15/2007 |

For the first time, broad industry representation has an equal voice in collaboratively drafting construction contracts

At the end of September, a diverse group of 20 construction associations representing designers, owners, contractors, subcontractors, and sureties launched ConsensusDOCS, with more than 70 collaboratively drafted construction contracts.

The release of ConsensusDOCS marks the first time that broad industry representation has had an equal voice in collaboratively drafting construction contracts. The unprecedented buy-in for these contracts reflects a genuine effort to identify and employ best practices to better the industry.

Lauded as one of the "most significant industry developments in the last 20 years" by Stephen Sandherr, CEO of the Associated General Contractors of America, ConsensusDOCS is unique in that each document was drafted to reflect the project's best interests rather than a single party interest. The documents help parties to focus on better project results rather than negotiating risk-shifting contract terms or, worse, contract claims in court to assess fault.

There are more than 70 documents that address all project delivery methods, from design-bid-build through a new innovative collaborative agreement. These cutting-edge contracts and forms help address emerging issues such as electronic communications and building information modeling. The broad industry involvement helped to shape contracts that represent the best interests of the project. The documents represent discussions by each group on appropriate risk sharing and other important issues.

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