Movincool Introduces the New Office Pro 60 Programmable Portable Air Conditioner

02/05/2002 |

Long Beach, Calif. — MovinCool, a division of DENSO Sales California, Inc. and leading manufacturer of portable spot cooling systems, announces the Office Pro 60 portable air conditioner. This unit is designed specifically for cooling office environments and protecting computer and telecom equipment from losing data due to heat. The Office Pro 60 provides 60,000 Btu/h of cooling, 2000 CFM of airflow at evaporator, and runs on a single phase, 208/230 volts power supply.

Although thousands of MovinCool air conditioners are already cooling offices and electronics, the new Office Pro Series features a programmable digital controller allowing the units to operate automatically during weekends and after-hours. The Office Pro 60 also has a built-in condensate pump and operating temperature range of 65°-105°F, perfect for protecting heat-sensitive electronics or cooling people in an office environment. The new modern exterior design also makes it ideal for any interior environment.

With handles incorporated into the unit’s design for added control and maneuverability, the economical, versatile and portable Office Pro 60 can be rolled into any room, needing little to no installation costs. In addition, the Office Pro 60’s operating costs are a fraction of most central air conditioning systems. The MovinCool spot cooling system is the most efficient cooling solution for any heat problem in the work environment.

MovinCool portable units are used for primary, supplementary or emergency cooling anywhere it is needed. MovinCool currently offers a range of models with cooling capacities from 10,000 to 60,000 Btu/hr. Suggested list price for the Office Pro 60 is $9,995.

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