AAMA Releases Commercial Installation Practice for Windows and Doors

10/10/2008 |

AAMA IPBC-08, a newly developed standard practice for installation of windows and doors in commercial buildings, has been released by the Schaumburg, IL-based American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). The publication, titled AAMA Standard Practice for the Installation of Windows and Doors in Commercial Buildings, addresses the installation of windows and exterior glass doors (including hinged and sliding glass doors) that are installed in commercial buildings. It includes information pertaining to new construction and replacement projects.

According to Ken Brenden, AAMA technical standards manager, "This long-awaited publication was created to ensure consistent, high-quality installations in commercial markets, as well as to promote energy efficiency, decrease installation deficiencies, maximize product performance, and minimize callbacks, thereby lowering the overall cost to the product manufacturer and building owner. In addition, the document provides employers of installers an additional method of evaluating a potential employee's knowledge, thus improving the credibility of practicing installers by verifying the measurement of a specific body of knowledge while promoting installer safety practices."

The standard practice provides an overview of information relating to:

  • Selection of window and glass door product types and materials.
  • Product performance testing and labeling.
  • Performance requirements of windows and doors.
  • Site inspection.
  • Specifications and codes.
  • Windows measuring and ordering.
  • Removal and installation of products.
  • Final cleaning and inspection.

For more information, visit www.aamanet.org.

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