RCI Reveals Part Two of Online Educational Program Series

04/30/2009 |

RCI Inc., an international association of professional consultants who specialize in the specification and design of roofing, waterproofing, and exterior wall systems, has released their new online educational program titled Wind Design for Low-Slope Roofs – Part II: FM Global Guidelines and Best Practice Considerations. This course is the second program in a two-part e-learning series addressing wind-related design considerations for low-slope roofs. It is the follow-up and sister program to Wind Design for Low-Slope Roofs – Part I: ASCE 7-05 Wind Load Calculations.

In the course, students will use the ASCE 7-05 methods and nomenclature to develop a working understanding of FM Global wind-pressure guidelines and other FM Global wind-related requirements. Students will also apply ASCE 7 methods to other wind-related roof design issues, including flashing design, existing roof evaluations, and the design of ballasted roof assemblies. It is recommended that students take Wind Design for Low-Slope Roofs – Part I before taking this course, or that they gain an understanding of ASCE 7-05 wind-load calculations through other learning experiences.

This course is part of RCI’s regularly-hosted e-learning programs, which allow students an opportunity to study modern design considerations for roofing, waterproofing, and exterior wall applications without having to travel or take time away from work and home. Additionally, continuing education credits are granted to students upon completion of each program.

For more information about this and other RCI e-learning programs, visit www.rci-e-learning.org.

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