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05/06/2009 |

Hoosier Banker
Vegter, Albert J
May 05, 2009
Originally Published:20090401.

Retailing is simply presenting the products and services you have. If your building and lobby aren’t performing this function, it’s time to review your design. The goal is to create financial institution spaces that are friendly and customer-oriented, and that can clearly and tastefully use decoration and signage to present to your customers the services and products you offer.

A professional image package includes logos, a well-defined graphic look, and consistency in the way the logo and image materials are utilized. Multiple logos, displayed inside and outside, can reinforce your brand image. The color palette of the logo graphics can be repeated throughout the flooring, paint and wallcoverings, and fabrics.

Dimensional lettering on soffits and walls can identify departments and services, provide information about your offerings, and offer directions to those who are seeking them. Colorful banners can brighten the look of your interior.

Marketing messages can be integrated into the décor. Permanently mounted poster frames provide an organized way to present changing marketing messages. Your own staff might create the posters, or they can be made at local sign suppliers. Back-lit display panels draw additional attention to the marketing messages.

Video monitors can complete the comprehensive customer experience. They can be used to:

  • Intersperse information with advertising “posters” to communicate with waiting customers.
  • Differentiate your financial center by presenting cable financial channels in an area of the lobby or waiting area.
  • Present Power-Point information about your services and/or community outreach.

These systems convert the time your customer spends at your bank into a value-added part of your service. Video installations can include custom-built cabinets for waiting areas, and ceiling- and wall-mounted monitors for lobby and teller areas. A Retailing is a continual process. Make sure your building and lobby design are part of your retail plan.
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