Fire Safety Education Materials Available for Fire Safety Month

10/02/2009 |

In honor of October’s National Fire Prevention Month, which serves as an annual reminder for businesses and the general public to reevaluate their fire safety plans and equipment, the Fire Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (FEMA) is offering free fire safety planning and preparedness educational materials, which provide an economical way for businesses, employees, and the general public to learn about best practices in the event of a fire emergency.

The association’s website,, includes up-to-date fire safety tools and information for commercial facilities, residential facilities, and general public audiences in its new comprehensive educational materials section. Materials range from interactive training sites for portable fire extinguishers, standpipe rack hose, and automated suppression systems to fire protection plans and an interactive safety quiz.

"Currently, many businesses are experiencing budget crunches and have to make tough cost-cutting decisions – but safety should not be compromised,” says Jim Widmer, FEMA president. “With our new educational tools section, businesses can direct their employees to our website to access quick, hands-on, and free fire equipment training and safety guides.”

Materials can be downloaded from FEMA’s website free of charge, or ordered from the association in bulk quantities for a nominal printing fee.

FEMA also suggests that each October businesses take time to evaluate their fire protection plans, assess the building for fire hazards, check to ensure fire equipment is in proper working condition, and train staff to be prepared in the event of a fire emergency.

Equipment training, along with evacuation practices, is a critical component of fire preparedness. For training information and interactive programs, visit, or,, and

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