Management Compensation at U.S. A/E Firms Ripples in Economic Downturn

12/04/2009 |

Management Compensation at U.S. A/E Firms Ripples in Economic Downturn
According to a new report by ZweigWhite, management compensation at leading U.S. architecture, engineering, planning (A/E/P), and environmental consulting firms have felt the effect of the nationwide economic downturn. According to ZweigWhite’s 2009-2010 Management Compensation Survey, while total compensation for some management levels at leading U.S. firms has continued to increase, many top managers have seen their combined base salary, bonus, and overtime pay decrease this year.

“In 2009, management compensation has not gone completely unscathed in the current economic environment,” says Margot Suydam, managing editor of ZweigWhite’s Management Surveys. “While total compensation for IT directors, HR directors, and branch managers has increased this year, project managers, marketing directors, financial directors, and principals saw a decrease in total compensation.”

The 2009-2010 Management Compensation Survey reports on and analyzes base salary, bonus, overtime pay, and total compensation information on project managers, financial directors, information technology managers, human resources directors, marketing directors, branch office managers, and principals.

Electronic and hard copy editions of the full report are available for purchase from ZweigWhite at

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