Get Passive, Go Green

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June 2010 Vol. 8 Issue 6
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Get Passive, Go Green

We need a new lens. Although technology is an important part of green building, we can’t look blindly to it for every solution. People need to be brought back into the equation to fix the problems we’ve created instead of looking to new technology to free us. In terms of buildings, a less-automated scenario that incorporates passive strategies and activates people can provide a boost to human health, social engagement, and the environment. Passive solutions are low-energy solutions. Indigenous architecture and historic buildings offer great lessons on sustainable strategies that we can integrate into new construction, but there are many things you can do in an existing facility too.

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    A Natural Choice for Modern Spaces

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    Carpet made with DuPont™ Sorona® fiber provides permanent, natural stain resistance, superior durability, and complimentary color and design to enhance your space. It contains 37% renewably sourced ingredients by weight, meaning it uses less petroleum based ingredients - plus it can contribute to LEED®points in 3 areas. With so much beauty and innovation built in, it’s a natural choice for today’s commercial designs.

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    Passive Ventilation for Aggressive Energy Savings Passive Ventilation for Aggressive Energy Savings
    Both cutting costs and green buildings are here to stay. Passive building designs can help you cut costs while becoming greener because this method needs less work from fans and air handlers to push air around in order to maintain thermal conditions and air quality, while keeping building occupants comfortable.
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    Tried and True – The Art of Simple Solutions and Integrated Design
    Going green doesn’t demand state-of-the-art advances or sophisticated features. In fact, some of the more successful sustainable concepts are grounded in tried-and-true practices and cost very little (if properly planned).
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    Principles and Impacts of Daylighting Principles and Impacts of Daylighting
    In historic buildings, natural light fulfilled a fundamental need to operate. Today’s buildings rely on technology to replace that need, but at what cost?
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    Making the connection between IT and facilities

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    Data centers must be viewed as interconnected environments—from rack to row to room to building. Schneider Electric calls this integration the data center physical infrastructure. The only clear path to the highest availability and maximum efficiency, it comprises power, cooling, physical security, and rack systems and is monitored and managed via software solutions and professional services. The result? Maximized energy efficiency and guaranteed availability across the data center physical infrastructure.

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    Sustainable Hydro Generator Flush Valve by Zurn Sustainable Hydro Generator Flush Valve by Zurn
    This flush valve is designed to create energy during each flush cycle.
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    High Volume Low Speed Fan series by Kelley High Volume Low Speed Fan series by Kelley
    Kelley's new High Volume Low Speed fans provide facilities with an energy-efficient and cost-effective cooling and heating solution.
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    Silverback Solar Mounting Systems by Silverback Solar Silverback Solar Mounting Systems by Silverback Solar
    Silverback Solar Racking functions as an easy-to-spec system.
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    Using the Three Cs to Market Your Green Building
    Volume Certification Takes a Different LEED Tact
    Finding Your Best Renewable Energy Strategy
    LEED on a Budget
    Tried and True – The Art of Simple Solutions and Integrated Design
    Alternatives in Green Building Frameworks
    Clearing Up LEED Misperceptions
    Schools Offer Lessons in Building/User Interface
    Foreign Exchange
    Life-Cycle Cost Assessment as a Tool for Retrofits


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