Let in the Light

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July 2010 Vol. 8 Issue 7
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Let in the Light

Many design professionals have adopted daylight integration strategies within buildings, thanks to the acceptance of sustainable building principles and the recognized benefits to occupants. Building owners are now creating and retrofitting facilities that effectively introduce daylight where the occupants need it most. While bringing more natural light in is encouraging, there is such a thing as too much daylight. The best way to achieve daylight integration is through a balanced approach.

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    The Daikin McQuay Pathfinder™ Chiller

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    The Daikin McQuay Pathfinder™ Chiller leads the industry in energy efficiency, quiet operation and responsible refrigerant management. This chiller's outstanding performance can contribute to LEED® points for building owners who are pursuing Green Building Certification. Using HFC-134a refrigerant with no ozone depletion potential, the Pathfinder Chiller is a responsible, sustainable choice for today and tomorrow. Daikin and McQuay are committed to continuous improvement in energy efficiency to reduce CO2 emissions from product usage.

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    A New & Better Way to Calculate Daylight A New & Better Way to Calculate Daylight
    What qualifies a building as daylit? Could a room with just a single window be considered a daylit room? Or, should a room with floor-to-ceiling windows on all four sides be considered daylit? These are legitimate questions that are being asked by developers, owners, architects, and facility managers as the focus of green-building design shifts to daylighting.
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    What You Need to Know About Daylighting What You Need to Know About Daylighting
    Daylighting is an environmentally friendly option that's catching corporate interest. Many organizations, however, have limited knowledge as to its advantages and how to implement a comprehensive program. You have several options to think about when determining what will work best in your next building project.
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    Technology Integration: Daylighting
    Daylighting is a moving target, one that shifts from moment to moment, morning to evening, and season to season. Its allure lies in its complexity, which makes it challenging to implement for professionals charged with the delivery of a homogeneous environment. But if your organization is serious about the triple bottom line, daylighting provides powerful incentives to strive for more.
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    Vector LED Light Bulbs by Qnuru Vector LED Light Bulbs by Qnuru
    The Vector family of LED bulbs fit into more than 95% of today's commercial and industrial light fixtures.
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    Sustainability Dashboard Tool by Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC Sustainability Dashboard Tool by Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC
    This Web-based tool helps users measure, track, and report their sustainability efforts, improve their performance, and lower their operating costs.
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    TX Active cement by MGA Cast Stone TX Active cement by MGA Cast Stone
    This cement uses light energy to be "self-cleaning."
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    Real World Interoperability

    Germ-Busting Antimicrobial Surface Treatment
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    Get Passive, Go Green
    Using the Three Cs to Market Your Green Building
    Volume Certification Takes a Different LEED Tact
    Finding Your Best Renewable Energy Strategy
    LEED on a Budget
    Tried and True – The Art of Simple Solutions and Integrated Design
    Alternatives in Green Building Frameworks
    Clearing Up LEED Misperceptions
    Schools Offer Lessons in Building/User Interface
    Foreign Exchange
    Life-Cycle Cost Assessment as a Tool for Retrofits


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