The Walkthrough Survey for an Energy Audit

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September 2010 Vol. 7, Issue 9
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The Walkthrough Survey for an Energy Audit

Last week I toured a 6 million square-foot facility that had a $21 million annual energy bill. Nevertheless, this facility had no dedicated full-time energy manager.

Does this surprise you?

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Mark Stetz

October 12th and 14th, 2010
Online professional training course for energy professionals: Using Data Loggers for Performance Monitoring. Presented by Mark Stetz, P.E. Learn how to evaluate and deploy data loggers for building diagnostics, commissioning and measurement & verification projects. $395 fee for two, 2-hr. online sessions. Includes a FREE HOBO U12-012 Temperature/Humidity/Light data logger and HOBOware® graphing and analysis software.

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Ground-Breaking Alternative Energy Options
Alternative energy options are always being improved – the options grow every year. Here, we cover some up-and-coming trends in alternative energy that you're likely to see crop up in commercial facilities as they become more mainstream.
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Revolving Doors Generate Energy
A Netherlands train station is using a revolving door to produce some of the building's electricity. The train station anticipates the coming and going of patrons to provide 4,600 kWh of energy per year.
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A New Way to Fund Energy-Efficiency Projects
Why aren't more property owners fixing up their buildings? Even though reducing energy use by 25 to 35 percent is very achievable with a comprehensive retrofit, there's still hesitation.
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Energy-Efficient Windows Energy-Efficient Windows
The Series 200 vinyl window line has many standard energy efficiency features, such as a multi-chamber frame, sash insulation, and warm-edge glass spacer technology.
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Flexible Lighting Flexible Lighting
Nora Lighting's graceful and innovative 120V Nora Rail system offers design and installation flexibility by combining the traditional capacity of track lighting with a "field-bendable" curving rail.
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Solar Fans Solar Fans
The MacroVoltaic fan is the only solar high volume low speed (HVLS) industrial fan on the market. The MacroVoltaic is designed to operate in a variety of methods to best meet individualized needs.
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