Green-Lock Membrane Adhesive by Garland Company

Mod-bit system enables VOC-free roof installation
Green-Lock Membrane Adhesive by Garland Company

Green-Lock Membrane Adhesive is now approved for use as a flood coat in cold-applied modified bitumen roofing, allowing VOC-free installation from the deck to the top coat. The membrane meets the Class A ASTM E108 fire test at a 3:12 slope.

This asphalt-modified polyether adhesive is used to construct cold process roofing systems. Moisture in the air stimulates its curing cycle, which takes 1-5 days to complete.

The adhesive is ideal for two-ply mod-bit applications and is approved for use with a variety of modified bitumen base sheets. Its odor-free aspect eliminates potential issues with rooftop air intake units.

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