Green Cleaning: What You Need to Know

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February 2011 Vol. 8, Issue 2
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Green Cleaning: What You Need to Know

When thinking holistically about sustainability in buildings, "green cleaning" should be included along with your energy and carbon management programs. This article discusses the history of "green cleaning" and key success elements for facilities, the procurement and verification process.

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Want to make smart (i.e., profitable) choices about sustainability? The Smart Sustainability Expo will provide tools that you can apply to building sites, energy, materials, maintenance, and indoor environmental quality. These smart tools will help you to make profitable decisions about green certification and to weigh upfront costs vs. lifecycle costs for sustainability projects.

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Sessions to include:
How Green Can Green Be? And How Do You Know?

The Transformation of Outdoor Lighting

Design for Maintenance: Using BIM as a FM Tool

Going Green by Saving Blue
Green Sweep: LEED-Certified Cleaning Practices

Sustainable Workplace Design Creates Innovation Opportunities
Today's innovative design and construction techniques help companies implement new ways of working – with positive results to the bottom line.
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HVAC Optimization for Energy Savings
The payback on waste elimination can be measured in months, not years, and savings can be very significant.
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Next Generation Energy Codes Finalized
How will the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code impact you?
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Now playing on BUILDINGSVIP: Benchmarking Your Building's Energy Use: A Step-by-Step Approach to Portfolio Manager


Research shows that an overwhelming majority of commercial building owners say they are planning to reduce their energy consumption, yet half say they have not benchmarked energy consumption across their portfolio. Step by step, learn how to use EPA's Portfolio Manager and other audit tools to analyze your buildings, interpret the data, and act on the results.

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Innovative condensation collection assembly.
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Green Series by Unico, Inc. Green Series by Unico, Inc.
Energy-efficient, environmentally friendly.
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AHQ-T16 Tankless Water Heater by American Hometec, Inc. AHQ-T16 Tankless Water Heater by American Hometec, Inc.
Stylish, point-of-use tankless water heater.
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Corporate Universal Waste Recycling: Ensuring Compliance, Generating Savings

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Brought to you by: Air Cycle

A critical green practice for large organizations to implement is universal waste (UW) recycling. Recycling universal wastes ensures compliance with waste disposal regulations and reduces harmful environmental impacts. But implementing UW recycling across the complex, multi-facility structure of a large corporation can pose challenges including minimizing recycling costs, ensuring organization-wide participation and measuring recycling progress. A corporate UW recycling program can solve these challenges and generate additional benefits, like green marketing opportunities and reduced liability for improper disposal.

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