Successful Commercial Interiors Is a Communication Exchange

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March 2011 Vol. 9 Issue 3
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Successful Commercial Interiors Is a Communication Exchange

It's been proven that greening your building operations can save you money over time, provide healthier occupant spaces, and safeguard the environment. The path to realizing these achievements relies on relationships as much as it does operational strategies. When pursuing green commercial interiors projects or LEED certification, the way landlords and tenants work together is crucial.

Building owners across the nation are increasingly paying for sustainable building features to improve their building footprint and attract tenants. Recognize that once you've prepared your building and provided the path for tenants to build out greener spaces, you'll get the best return on your investment if you remain involved in the tenant improvement process.

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Introducing AERCOs commercial size semi-instantaneous water heater above 250,000 BTU/hr.

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Innovation, AERCO's newest line of premium water heaters features a tankless design, advanced condensing/modulating technology, 20:1 turndown, a scale-resistant heat exchanger, +/-4 degrees temperature control and up to 99 percent efficiency. With its advanced design, reliability and longevity, Innovation delivers performance and economic advantages to any system.

For more information, visit www.aerco.com/Innovation.

Prepare Your Building for LEED for Commercial Interiors Prepare Your Building for LEED for Commercial Interiors
You can build value and appeal for the rising number of environmentally conscientious companies through low-cost strategies that help tenants achieve LEED for Commercial Interiors certification. Facilitating certification will help lure and maintain tenants, and these strategies benefit your building and operations in the process.
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Placing Green Tenant Improvements Within Reach Placing Green Tenant Improvements Within Reach
Tenant improvement projects offer an ideal opportunity to create high-performance spaces that safeguard the welfare of the employees, visitors, and the environment. Fortunately, there is an array of budget-conscious choices for developing green tenant improvement projects, and when long-term benefits are factored in, the field of options widens even further.
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Build a Greener Lease Build a Greener Lease
Having a building that operates more efficiently reduces operation and maintenance costs (at the very least). While there are several ways to make that happen, a green lease can help you get there.
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Watch & Learn Webinar: Brought to you by Siemens

Preparing a Building to Save Money on the Smart Grid

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Electricity costs continue to rise and utility pricing models are changing rapidly. Real-time pricing programs have already been implemented in some states, and many utilities have programs allowing members to reduce their energy costs. Is your building ready to save money with strategies in place for demand-response and the smart grid?

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Oasis by Munters Oasis by Munters
Produces dry, cool air without refrigeration.
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PV-FlexMount by ShadePlex PV-FlexMount by ShadePlex
Lightweight, flexible, high power panels.
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PURELL Green Certified Instant Hand Sanitizer by GOJO Industries PURELL Green Certified Instant Hand Sanitizer by GOJO Industries
Fragrance-free, dye-free, and biobased hand sanitizer.
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Ceilume Smart Ceiling Tiles

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Brought to you by: Ceilume Smart Ceiling Tiles

Finally, suspended ceiling tiles that are easy to maintain, easy to install and easy on your budget! Ceilume Smart Ceiling Tiles won't stain, won't crack when you move them and won't harbor dust, mold or mildew. Available in a variety of designer styles and colors, Ceilume tiles are Class A fire rated, ICC recognized and GreenGuard Environmental Institute Certified for Indoor Air Quality and Children & Schools. Make your life easier and your building better with Ceilume!

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