Is a Security Control Center Right for You

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June 2011 Vol. 6, Issue 6
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Is a Security Control Center Right for You?

A dedicated security control center can improve building security by enabling officers to respond faster to alarms and equip them with better information when handling an incident. A security control center also provides a selling point to potential tenants and enhances your relationship with existing ones. If you're in the market for a control center, you should consider the costs of designing, building, and operating a center from scratch. If that's out of your budget, there are cost-control strategies and viable alternatives that can help bring a center within reach.

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Industry's First Lighted Bollards

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Calpipe Security Bollard's Lighted Bollards are designed for architectural and security applications. With a sleek architectural design created from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and a steel security core, each bollard comes equipped with LED, fluorescent, compact fluorescent or metal halide lamps making them an attractive solution for perimeter protection and area illumination. With the industry's broadest line of bollards, from high security K-rated to removable and retractable, we deliver the right product for your application, fast!

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Practice Makes Perfect Access Denied
Vehicle barriers put a halt to theft, terrorism, and careless drivers.
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Evacuation Planning Security on Fire
Combine your building security with fire safety.
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Are You Prepared to Respond to an Emergency? Wireless Cameras 2.0
Going where no security camera has gone before.
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NOTIFIER® by Honeywell

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NOTIFIER® is one of the largest commercial fire alarm systems manufacturers with engineered systems distributors and regional support operations on every continent. NOTIFIER®'s extensive fire alarm, life safety and mass notification offerings include standalone, networked and integrated solutions, plus graphic interface monitoring systems for facility managers and first responders.

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SALTO Virtual Network by Salto Systems Quasar HD Smart Camera Series by DVTel
8 camera options to meet any installation demands.
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SENSRnet by SENSR M³ Logic by Medeco Security Locks
Replaces mechanical cylinders.
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Essex RoxProx by Essex Electronics Essex RoxProx by Essex Electronics
Proximity card for hard environments.
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