When Codes Aren't Enough

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May 2011 Issue 110
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When Codes Aren't Enough

Best practices today may not be adequate for current (and future) stresses.

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Four Steps to a Maintenance Free Roof

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Most building owners think about their roof only when there's a problem—usually a leak. By that time, water has already caused damage to valuable merchandise, slowed production, and/or caused a slip-and-fall accident. Once the damage is done, all the building owner can do is call a roofing contractor and get the roof repaired.

Though no roof is maintenance free, taking these four steps can reduce life-cycle costs.

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Elastomeric Roofing – EPDM Get Real About Roof Tear-Offs
Roofing experts weigh in on five questions to ask yourself and roofing professionals before tearing off your old roof.
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The Remarkable Growth of Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Roofing Systems Specifying SPF Roofing Systems
Is a spray polyurethane foam system right for your next roofing project? Find out now.
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Conflicting Claims Based on Life-Cycle Analysis of Roofing The Rundown on Low-Slope Roofing
Find out what you need to know about all kinds of low-slope roofs.

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SkyScape™ Vegetative Roof System

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Firestone Building Products has taken the sciences of horticulture, waterproof roofing and design and combined them to develop the SkyScape Vegetative Roof System. Easy-to-install and featuring multiple planting options, SkyScape provides year-round energy savings, reduces ambient noise, extends the life of the roof membrane and contributes to a LEED®-certified green building project. SkyScape is the only vegetative roof system covered by the industry-leading 30-year Firestone Red Shield® Warranty.

For more information visit www.firestonebpco.com/roofing/greenroofing/skyscape.

LeakBarrier PS200 Ice and Water Armor by Tarco Hot Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing by Henry Company
Waterproofing membrane seals minor punctures.
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Snap-Clad Metal Panels by Petersen Aluminum Corporation Protecto Jiffy Seal Ice and Water Guard HT by Protecto Wrap
Protects roofs from wind-blown rain and ice dams.
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AcryShield SPF Roofing System by National Coatings Flintglas Mineral-Surfaced Cap Sheet with CoolStar by CertainTeed
Ceramic surfacing and cool coating boost this cap sheet's energy efficiency.
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