How To Design A Security Control Center

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July 2011 Vol. 6, Issue 7
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How To Design A Security Control Center

During an emergency, the personnel manning your security control center will make life-or-death decisions. The equipment at their workstations, the layout of the center, and the supporting infrastructure must work to help them make split-second decisions. A well-designed security control center isn't necessarily complex, but it does need a few essential components.

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Practice Makes Perfect Is a Security Control Center Right for You?
Monitor security and fire suppression technologies from one location.
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Evacuation Planning Strategies for Short-Term Surveillance
Quickly respond to impromptu security needs.
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Are You Prepared to Respond to an Emergency? Security on Fire
Combine your building security with fire safety.
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SALTO Virtual Network by Salto Systems Light Line by DSTA
Catch the attention of pedestrians at the ground level.
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SENSRnet by SENSR Visitor Management and License Plate Reader by EasyLobby and INEX/ZAMIR Technologies
Identify and monitor vehicles and visitors.
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Essex RoxProx by Essex Electronics IS Series IP Video Intercom by Aiphone
All-in-one security control system.
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