LEED Professional Accreditation

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September 2011 Vol. 9 Issue 9
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LEED Professional Accreditation

LEED, the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design building rating system, has evolved.

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Introducing AERCO's commercial size instantaneous water heater above 250,000 BTU/hr

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Innovation, AERCO’s newest line of premium water heaters features a tankless design, advanced condensing/modulating technology, 20:1 turndown, a scale-resistant heat exchanger, +/-4° temperature control and up to 99% efficiency. With its advanced design, reliability and longevity, Innovation delivers performance and economic advantages to any system. Available in 600, 800 and 1060 MBH.

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LEED, Liability, and You LEED, Liability, and You
Green buildings can reduce your operating costs, but do they have the potential to increase your court costs?
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Greening Your Buildings for LEED Certification Greening Your Buildings for LEED Certification
Strategies and tips to bring your building into the sustainable fold of LEED certification.
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The Changing Practice of Green Operations LEED on a Budget
Selecting the right options for your energy purchases is a critical step that can be a far more challenging task than it appears on the surface.
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DuPont Sorona®

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Designs Stand Out with DuPont Sorona® the most innovative carpet fiber in 20 years combining performance with environmental benefits.

Performance: Outstanding durability and crush resistance, combined with permanent stain, fade and bleach resistance results in long lasting beauty.

Environmental Benefits: Also helps reduce dependency on oil while reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Rock your designs with DuPont™ Sorona® renewably sourced fiber.
Visit: sorona.dupont.com

*Sorona®: made in part with annually renewable plant based ingredients.

Electronic Cassette Skin Care System by Kimberly-Clark Professional Electronic Cassette Skin Care System by Kimberly-Clark Professional
Touchless hand cleansing solution.
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Audubon Recycling Receptacles by DeepStream Designs Audubon Recycling Receptacles by DeepStream Designs
Aesthetically pleasing recycling option.
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Voltage Detector with LED by Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation Voltage Detector with LED by Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation
Two solutions in a single tool.
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How Green Can Green Be? And How Do You Know?

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Building owners and facilities professionals want to use sustainability criteria when evaluating equipment, materials, and supplies, but how can they evaluate the green features of such a wide range of products?

This webinar will provide an update on methodologies for lifecycle assessment (LCA) and environmental product declarations (EPD).


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Facilities professionals report that service contracts extend equipment lifecycles and reduce energy costs Ascent Media saves energy and goes green with help from McQuay frictionless chiller Wojan Window & Door Catalog - May 2011
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Bridging Green Goals and Implementation through Training
Tackling the Carbon Challenge
Facility Managers Are Key to Shrinking a Building's Carbon Footprint
Facility Managers Have a Critical Voice
Successful Commercial Interiors Is a Communication Exchange
Facility Managers Become the Energy Maestros of Future Eco-Districts
Top 11 Predictions for 2011
Tomorrow's Green Buildings: Merging Design and Operations
Green Lease Strategies
Prepare Your Building for LEED for Commercial Interiors
Sustainability in Owner-Occupied Buildings
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