Prepare Your Building for Evolution

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October 2011 Vol. 9 Issue 10
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Prepare Your Building to Evolve

The gap between where your building is now and where it will need to be in the future as new high-performance buildings enter the market is potentially huge.

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XLERATOR® by Excel Dryer Inc

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XLERATOR® hand dryer, The New Industry Standard, completely dries hands in 10 to 15 seconds and uses 80% less energy than traditional hand dryers. XLERATOR represents a 95% cost savings versus paper towels and eliminates their maintenance while improving restroom hygiene. XLERATOR is the only hand dryer to be MADE IN USA Certified, the first hand dryer to be GreenSpec® listed and also helps facilities qualify for LEED® credits.

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The True Costs of Building Green The True Costs of Building Green
The cost premium for green buildings is nominal over that of traditional, "to-code" structures.
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The True Costs of Building Green Green Building Operations
Universities review their experiences with green building operations.
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Standards for High-Performance Green Buildings Standards for High-Performance Green Buildings
Provide for greater energy efficiency and sustainability than base energy codes.
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DuPont Sorona®

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Designs Stand Out with DuPont Sorona® the most innovative carpet fiber in 20 years combining performance with environmental benefits.

Performance: Outstanding durability and crush resistance, combined with permanent stain, fade and bleach resistance results in long lasting beauty.

Environmental Benefits: Also helps reduce dependency on oil while reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Rock your designs with DuPont™ Sorona® renewably sourced fiber.
Visit: sorona.dupont.com

*Sorona®: made in part with annually renewable plant based ingredients.

Plant irrigation alternative.
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SunSource Commercial Energy System SunSource Commercial Energy System
HVAC featuring solar module integration.
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ECOVIE Rainwater Collection System ECOVIE Rainwater Collection System
Create positive results for your bottom line from idle square footage.
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Green Sweep: LEED-Certified Cleaning Practices

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The color of clean is now green, a fact that cannot be whitewashed, given the U.S. Green Building Council’s prerequisite that LEED-certified buildings have a green cleaning program in place.

This webinar will include pointers on how to draft a green cleaning policy; how to evaluate green cleaning contractors; how to handle entryways, cleaning closets, and other building spaces; and how to choose environmentally sound cleaning products and equipment.


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Corporate Universal Waste Recycling: Ensuring Compliance, Generating Savings USPS Goes Solar R2 VARYX Continuous Hinge for Door Repair
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Measurement and Verification: Monitoring Lighting Systems for Optimal Performance A Showcase of Sustainability: the USGBC’s newest headquarters offer a glimpse of all things green Spartan Hard Surface Disinfecting Wipes
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LEED Professional Accreditation
Assembly Spaces are Becoming Green Buildings' Biggest Fans
Bridging Green Goals and Implementation through Training
Tackling the Carbon Challenge
Facility Managers Are Key to Shrinking a Building's Carbon Footprint
Facility Managers Have a Critical Voice
Successful Commercial Interiors Is a Communication Exchange
Facility Managers Become the Energy Maestros of Future Eco-Districts
Top 11 Predictions for 2011
Tomorrow's Green Buildings: Merging Design and Operations
Green Lease Strategies
Prepare Your Building for LEED for Commercial Interiors
Sustainability in Owner-Occupied Buildings
Let in the Light


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