Going Public with Your Building Performance

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December 2011 Vol. 9 Issue 12
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Going Public with Your Building Performance

Regulations may mandate that your buildings performance can be scrutinized by any interested onlooker, from energy enthusiast to ranking competitor. What can you do to make sure your building is ready for a public performance?

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You loved us on the roof-imagine how we can help performance in your walls.

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Keep your work spaces from turning into ice cubicles.With the highest R-value per inch of any rigid foam insulation, Polyiso walls offer you comfort as well as long-term savings for the entire building envelope.

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BUILDINGS Best of 2011 Green BUILDINGS Best of 2011 Green
Explore some of the best green offerings from the BUILDINGS 2011 lineup.
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Green Roof Benefits Green Roof Benefits
Implementing a modular vegetated roof can produce serious benefits.
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Best Green Schools 2011 Best Green Schools 2011
Criteria for list inclusion includes a variety of sustainable, cost-cutting measures, energy conservation, LEED certified buildings, green policies, and more.
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DuPont Sorona®

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Designs Stand Out with DuPont Sorona® the most innovative carpet fiber in 20 years combining performance with environmental benefits.

Performance: Outstanding durability and crush resistance, combined with permanent stain, fade and bleach resistance results in long lasting beauty.

Environmental Benefits: Also helps reduce dependency on oil while reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Rock your designs with DuPont™ Sorona® renewably sourced fiber.
Visit: sorona.dupont.com

*Sorona®: made in part with annually renewable plant based ingredients.

EcoUrinal EcoUrinal
Conserve 40,000 gallons annually.
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YK Centrifugal Chillers  YK Centrifugal Chillers
Refrigerant-charge reduction of up to 40%.
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SOLR Roofing Panels SOLR Roofing Panels
Integrated thin-film photovoltaics.
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Going Green by Saving Blue

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You can save money on both water and energy with high-efficiency irrigation technology and water conservation practices.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar include good design and maintenance principles, use of reclaimed water, monitoring tools, and the WaterSense product labeling program.


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