Does LED have Limits?

January 2012 Vol. 10 Issue 1
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The Limitations of LED


Despite their rapid growth in popularity, LEDs aren’t always the answer for some applications.

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MBCI Eco-ficient™ Insulated Metal Panels

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Insulated metal panels offer many advantages for building owners, including improved thermal performance, reduced building operational expenses, accelerated construction schedules, earlier business starts and much more. Metal roof and wall panels require minimal maintenance and last 40 years or more. Our insulted metal panel color and applied finish offerings allow for a multitude of design opportunities, including exteriors to resemble granite, stucco, masonry and other conventional construction materials.

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What’s On the Horizon for LEDs? What’s On the Horizon for LEDs?
Is LED lighting becoming an increasingly attractive option for building owners?
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Measuring the Green Impact of a Lighting Upgrade Measuring the Green Impact of a Lighting Upgrade
Getting it right – Demonstrate the benefits.
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Best Green Schools 2011 Standards for High-Performance Green Buildings
Provide for greater energy efficiency and sustainability than base energy codes.
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The Transformation of Outdoor Lighting

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This webinar will help building owners and facilities managers make cost-effective choices in energy-saving lamps, fixtures and controls. It will also take a look into the near future, when charging stations for electric cars and lighting equipment that is smart-grid ready will be incorporated into outdoor lighting designs.


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EcoUrinal The Green Stuff Mini Cleaner
Environmentally friendly, recyclable, sustainable.
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YK Centrifugal Chillers  Water Alert Products
Single water leak detectors to advanced monitoring systems.
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SOLR Roofing Panels LED Spotlights
Long lifetime and high luminous efficacy.
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The Challenges of Solar Investment

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How do you justify solar investment at your facility? With limited incentives and long paybacks, it’s difficult to make a case for solar. This webinar will identify key barriers to ownership and how you can overcome them.


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Using IBM Maximo Asset Management to manage all asset classes in hospitals and healthcare organizations St. Olaf College science center studies up on LEED Platinum and uses McQuay extended-size Vision™ air handling unit to make the grade DVM Plus Catalog
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Corporate Universal Waste Recycling: Ensuring Compliance, Generating Savings Test Pattern: An Eco-Smart Lighting Design in Burbank Metomic Catalog
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Prepare Your Building for Evolution
LEED Professional Accreditation
Assembly Spaces are Becoming Green Buildings' Biggest Fans
Bridging Green Goals and Implementation through Training
Tackling the Carbon Challenge
Facility Managers Are Key to Shrinking a Building's Carbon Footprint
Facility Managers Have a Critical Voice
Successful Commercial Interiors Is a Communication Exchange
Facility Managers Become the Energy Maestros of Future Eco-Districts
Top 11 Predictions for 2011
Tomorrow's Green Buildings: Merging Design and Operations


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