IAQ and You

February 2012 Vol. 10 Issue 2
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Improving Indoor Air Quality


With Americans spending 90% or more of their time indoors, it’s important to address indoor air quality across all types of buildings.

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Green Sweep: LEED-Certified Cleaning Practices

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This webinar will include pointers on how to draft a green cleaning policy; how to evaluate green cleaning contractors; how to handle entryways, cleaning closets, and other building spaces; and how to choose environmentally sound cleaning products and equipment.


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What’s On the Horizon for LEDs? 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Handling IAQ Complaints
For the best outcome, handle IAQ complaints with sensitivity and competency.
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Measuring the Green Impact of a Lighting Upgrade IAQ in Schools: Problems and Solutions
If pollutant sources are not controlled, indoor air problems can develop even if the HVAC system is properly designed, operated, and maintained.
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Best Green Schools 2011 Can the Air Be Cleared on IAQ?
Research shows a relationship between interior air quality and productivity, yet solutions are complex and often involve tradeoffs.
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Maximizing Energy Efficiency and Equipment Lifecycles

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Many owners find themselves caught in a vise of rising building costs. On the one hand, energy prices and system replacement costs are rising while maintenance budgets are being cut; on the other, extending the service life of equipment is critical to avoid replacement costs and additional energy consumption.

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HH Robertson Floor Systems by HH Robertson Floor Systems HH Robertson Floor Systems by HH Robertson Floor Systems
Cost-effective wire raceway system.
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Russelectric Transfer Switch Control Russelectric Transfer Switch Control
30-cycle-rated and 3-cycle-rated automatic transfer switches.
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EVlink Outdoor Charging Stations EVlink Outdoor Charging Stations
Two charging circuits integrated into one pedestal.
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The Power of Demand Response

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A cost-effective energy management strategy cannot overlook the power of demand response. Load response incentives, near real-time data, automated response strategies, and mobile control applications are rapidly expanding the options available to facilities professionals.


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Going Public with Your Building Performance
IAQ in Schools: Problems and Solutions
Prepare Your Building for Evolution
LEED Professional Accreditation
Assembly Spaces are Becoming Green Buildings' Biggest Fans
Bridging Green Goals and Implementation through Training
Tackling the Carbon Challenge
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Facility Managers Have a Critical Voice
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