Asphalt vs. Coal Tar Pitch Roofing

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March 2012 Issue 120
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Asphalt vs. Coal Tar Pitch Roofing

How the two popular bitumens measure up across the years.

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Green Roofs. The Benefits are Growing.

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With the increased desire for sustainable building products, green roofs have become a “growing” roofing option. Green roofs are visually pleasing, and help reduce urban heat islands, storm water runoff and energy consumption. Put Sika Sarnafil’s 40 years of green roof experience to work for you.

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Coping with Roof Penetrations through Standing-Seam Metal Roofs Bituminous Built-Up Roofing Systems
Are built-up systems still viable?
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Roofing: 10 Things You Need to Know to Start Saving Energy The Best Roofing Investment Yet
Are standards reaching the point of no payback?
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The Top 10 Most Common Roof Problems Mastics, Coatings, and Adhesives for Roof Repairs
A truly sustainable roof system has to be repairable.

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Insul-Lock E HR Roof Insulation Adhesive by Garland LiquiSeal Emulsion and AcryShield System by AcryPly
Adds waterproofing and durability to asphalt roofs.
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UNA-CLAD Delta Series Concealed Fastener Panel System by Firestone Metal Products Solar Flare and Solar Flex by Metal Sales
Non-penetrating PV panels reduce labor and leak potential.
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Landmark Pro Asphalt Shingles by CertainTeed Landmark Pro Asphalt Shingles by CertainTeed
Heavier roofing shingles resist algae, wind, and fire.
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