The New Standards of LED

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Buildings Energy News, Helping Facilities Professionals Make Smarter Decisions
March 2012 Vol. 9, Issue 3
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The New Standards of LED

LED is going mainstream, fueled by expected energy savings and low life-cycle costs. Don’t get burned by the details – Learn how to implement the new standards of LED at your facility.

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Smart Metering Strategies

Smart Energy Expo

The rising cost of energy and the increasing demand for smarter, greener buildings require a close eye on energy consumption. Yet without solid data, it’s difficult to understand exactly where inefficiencies and waste are hiding. A strong metering plan is a vital tool in any facility’s energy efficiency toolbox. This webinar will review tips, tools, and tactics to implement a successful energy metering plan.


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The Limitations of LED
Avoid project pitfalls by understanding LED limitations.
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What’s on the Horizon for LEDs?
Price falls, performance rises. Are LED options poised to capture the market?
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Should You Implement ISO 50001?
Not all of these ideas will be appropriate for every facility, but many will help to move your energy projects forward.
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Changing the way you see Solar Energy

Waiting to go solar because you think it’s complicated or costly? The wait is over. With a Power Purchase Agreement from Constellation, you receive benefits, from start to finish – financially, socially, environmentally – with no upfront cost and peace of mind for up to 20 years.
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FIT by a • light FIT by a • light
Integral design fitted louver downlight options.
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Nimsoft ecoMeter by Nimsoft Nimsoft ecoMeter by Nimsoft
Optimize data center energy usage and support sustainability initiatives.
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GuestStat by Venstar GuestStat by Venstar
Easy-to-read display and ultra-simple operations.
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Finding Hidden Energy Waste with Data Loggers: 8 Cost-Saving Opportunities

A new 12-page best practices guide from Onset describes the data logging equipment you need to obtain information on energy consumption and environmental conditions in commercial buildings. The guide covers eight common forms of energy waste, and provides an overview of how to gather and analyze data and calculate savings for each opportunity.
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90210 at 900 Watts

Asset Management Solutions for Facilities
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