The ROI of Going Green

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March 2012 Vol. 10 Issue 3
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The ROI of Going Green

The ROI of Going Green

CFOs are beginning to recognize that sustainability initiatives are not just about being green – they are about smart business. Sustainability is a practice that helps businesses meet their bottom lines and protect physical and human assets. Over time, sustainable options often cost considerably less.

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Introducing AERCOs commercial size instantaneous water heater above 250,000 BTU/hr.

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Innovation, AERCO’s newest line of premium water heaters features a tankless design, advanced condensing/modulating technology, 20:1 turndown, a scale-resistant heat exchanger, +/-4° temperature control and up to 99% efficiency. With its advanced design, reliability and longevity, Innovation delivers performance and economic advantages to any system. Available in 600, 800 and 1060 MBH.

For more information, visit www.aerco.com/innovation7

ROI from VFDs: Cutting Costs with Variable Frequency Drives ROI from VFDs: Cutting Costs with Variable Frequency Drives
Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are an attractive energy management investment for your building’s motors.
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Making Security Pay Making Security Pay
Well-managed security does more than just provide security – it cuts and prevents costs, and can produce ROI
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After the Energy Audit After the Energy Audit
What comes after the audit is the key. Here’s where it gets complicated: because there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for setting and achieving energy reduction goals, there are no clear rules for how to implement the audit’s findings.
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Zero Enlightenment

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A commitment to go zero landfill will allow your business to accomplish big things when it comes to reducing the environmental footprint of your operations. Covanta 4Recovery is uniquely positioned to empower commercial businesses and institutions to meet their zero landfill goals by offering fully integrated collection, recycling and Energy-from-Waste disposal services from over forty national locations.

Begin your zero landfill commitment today by calling 1.800.950.8749 or visit: www.covantaenergy.com

Alumen8 8A SRL Series by Alumen8 Alumen8 8A SRL Series by Alumen8
Low-energy, high-performance, ultra longlife integral LED fixtures.
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Breathe by DIRTT Environmental Solutions Breathe by DIRTT Environmental Solutions
Living wall modular wall solution.
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ECO-NATURALS Collection by Johnsonite ECO-NATURALS Collection by Johnsonite
Two new lines of rubber tiles and treads.
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The Nitty Gritty of Green Cleaning

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You may feel awash trying to implement green cleaning practices. Green cleaning involves more than just environmentally friendly cleaning agents – it impacts your maintenance protocols, equipment, and cleaning schedules. This webinar will show you how to implement a green cleaning program and illustrate how this upgrade will benefit your bottom line.


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