Electric Vehicles: Payback and Potential

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Buildings Energy News, Helping Facilities Professionals Make Smarter Decisions
May 2012 Vol. 9, Issue 5
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Electric Vehicles: Payback and Potential

Evaluate the life cycle cost of vehicles for fleets as well as your personal car.

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Parking Industry Gears Up for Electric Car GrowthOffering easy access to charging stations extends the range of electric vehicles, which can drive 100-200 miles at a time when fully charged.Read more»
Lead the Charge with Electric Vehicle StationsThe increasing popularity of electric vehicles is leading more and more facilities to eye the technology as a way to gain a competitive edge.Read more»
Can Your Building Fuel Up Electric Vehicles?Have you considered installing an electric vehicle (EV) charging station at your facility?Read more»
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Belimo Energy Valve by Belimo Belimo Energy Valve by BelimoOptimizes, documents, and proves water coil performance.Read more»
SPRAY-SEAL by Carlisle HVAC SPRAY-SEAL by Carlisle HVACLabor savings and enhanced performance for duct sealant application.Read more »
Energy Software by EnergyPrint Energy Software by EnergyPrintOnline energy management and reporting tools.Read more »
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FREE White Paper: Choosing an Occupancy & Light On/Off Data Logger
A new white paper from Onset provides guidance on features to consider when choosing an occupancy and light on/off data logger. Learn how to select the right logger for identifying locations in your building where changes in lighting could result in immediate money and power savings.
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