Boutique Building Certifications: Can You Benefit?

May 2012 Vol. 10 Issue 5
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Boutique Building Certifications: Can You Benefit?

Boutique Building Certifications: Can You Benefit?

When LEED launched in 1993, it represented a major first step toward creating a common definition and measurement standard for green buildings. But in the years since, a new crop of competitors has sprouted in response, seeking to distance themselves from LEED and carve out a niche in the marketplace.

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Retrofits for Easy Upgrades to Water-Efficient Dual-Flush

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Sloan flush valve retrofit kits offer a quick and easy way to immediately save water—and money—in your restrooms. Upgrade existing water closets in just minutes with sensor-activated or manual dual-flush retrofit kits. Dual-flush offers a choice of 1.6 or 1.1 gpf flush cycles for a water savings of 30%. Battery-powered Sloan ECOS® and solar-powered SOLIS® kits will flush at the full or reduced flush cycle automatically. Water-efficient kits for urinals are also available.

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Green Building Certifications Enhance Reputation Green Building Certifications Enhance Reputation
70% of U.S. adults agree – environmental certification of a company facility would enhance their opinion of the business.
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10 Green Building Predictions for 2012 10 Green Building Predictions for 2012
Which predictions are coming true?
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LEED, Liability, and You LEED, Liability, and You
The last thing you want is to be tied up with a time-consuming and costly lawsuit.
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Begin Your Zero Landfill Commitment Today

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A commitment to go zero landfill will allow your business to accomplish big things when it comes to reducing the environmental footprint of your operations. Covanta 4Recovery is uniquely positioned to empower commercial businesses and institutions to meet their zero landfill goals by offering fully integrated collection, recycling and Energy-from-Waste disposal services from over forty national locations.

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TowelMate by Bobrick TowelMate by Bobrick
Cost reduction technology.
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The RITE Door by Adams Rite The RITE Door by Adams Rite
Integrated door system.
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Enviro Coat by Kelly-Moore Enviro Coat by Kelly-Moore
Zero-VOC, low-odor.
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Improve your energy conservation efforts and save money!

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Measurement and Verification (MVP) Panelboards from Schneider Electric allow you to more accurately and precisely monitor energy use. Improve your energy conservation efforts and save money! Achieve energy code compliance, meet designated mandates, obtain LEED certification points and contribute to other vital sustainability efforts with MVP Panelboards. Integral branch circuit metering allows you to: Monitor by plug load, circuit, zone, space or complete lighting system.

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