Facility Planning: EV Ready

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July 2012 Vol. 10 Issue 7
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It’s Time for Property Owners to Get EV Ready

It’s Time for Property Owners to Get EV Ready

Property owners and managers—especially workplace and multi-family residential owners and managers—are working on becoming EV ready now to take advantage of this growth in the EV population and differentiate themselves, lock-in customers and tenants, and generate new revenue streams..

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MBCI Eco-ficient™ Insulated Metal Panels

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Insulated metal panels offer many advantages for building owners, including improved thermal performance, reduced building operational expenses, accelerated construction schedules, earlier business starts and much more. Metal roof and wall panels require minimal maintenance and last 40 years or more. Our insulted metal panel color and applied finish offerings allow for a multitude of design opportunities, including exteriors to resemble granite, stucco, masonry and other conventional construction materials.

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Electric Vehicles: Payback and Potential Electric Vehicles: Payback and Potential
If we consider that electrically powered vehicles will reduce operating costs, perhaps we should be “OK” spending more for them upfront.
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Will Electric Vehicles Power Up Your Properties? Will Electric Vehicles Power Up Your Properties?
President Obama’s launch last month of the “EV-Everywhere Challenge” sets ambitious targets for electric vehicles (EVs).
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Lead the Charge with Electric Vehicle Stations Lead the Charge with Electric Vehicle Stations
The increasing popularity of electric vehicles is leading more and more facilities to eye the technology as a way to gain a competitive edge.
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New Website for The RITE Door® from Adams Rite

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Adams Rite is pleased to launch an all-new website for The RITE Door – with more product, application, market and support information than ever before. With a generous range of colors, finishes and options, the RITE Door® integrated door system will change the way you look at fire doors forever.

Designer fire doors. Pre-installed hardware. Visit our new website.

Xorel Graphic by Carnegie Xorel Graphic by Carnegie
Digital printing meets woven design
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TCP LED PAR30 Bulb by EnvironmentalLights.com TCP LED PAR30 Bulb by EnvironmentalLights.com
Bright LED, dimmable performance.
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Envision2 Compact Geothermal Heat Pump by WaterFurnace Envision2 Compact Geothermal Heat Pump by WaterFurnace
Boiler/tower applications and replacement.
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SAVE MONEY with ultrasonic bird control!

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Pest birds cost businesses hundreds of thousands in cleanup and repairs each year. Get rid of pest birds with a QuadBlaster QB-4 from Bird-X. This ultrasonic bird control device repels birds with a “silent-to-humans” audio attack that confuses, disorients and intimidates birds. The QB-4 is perfect for large indoor or semi-enclosed spaces and covers up to 2,000 sq. m.

For more information visit www.bird-x.com or call 1.800.900.7613 today!

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Lamp Recycling Basics: Selecting and Implementing the Right Solution St. Olaf College science center studies up on LEED Platinum and uses McQuay extended-size Vision™ air handling unit to make the grade Spartan Hard Surface Disinfecting Wipes
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