Is Biomass the Right Facility Choice?

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August 2012 Vol. 10 Issue 8
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Could Biomass Work for You?

Could Biomass Work for You?

Biomass solutions come in many forms. Could your facility reduce environmental impact and energy budget with a single green solution?

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A Lesson in Hygiene: XLERATOR® hand dryers help school achieve LEED®

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Architects for the Green Schoolhouse Series have selected the high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR hand dryer for the first all volunteer built LEED Platinum school in Phoenix, Arizona.

To learn more about the high-efficiency restroom products featured in the school, visit http://causeandeffectpr.com/microsites/excel.html. XLERATOR® high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer dries hands in 10 – 15 seconds and uses 80 percent less energy than conventional dryers. .

The Surges of Green Power The Surges of Green Power
Is the climate right for a switch to green power?
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10 Tips for Green Certification 10 Tips for Green Certification
Picking the right certification program for your facility or business.
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The Cost of Green Buildings The Cost of Green Buildings
Are green buildings truly cost-effective?
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SAVE MONEY with ultrasonic bird control!

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Pest birds cost businesses hundreds of thousands in cleanup and repairs each year. Get rid of pest birds with a QuadBlaster QB-4 from Bird-X. This ultrasonic bird control device repels birds with a “silent-to-humans” audio attack that confuses, disorients and intimidates birds. The QB-4 is perfect for large indoor or semi-enclosed spaces and covers up to 2,000 sq. m.

For more information visit www.bird-x.com or call 1.800.900.7613 today!

EcoSpec Landscape Accent by EcoSense EcoSpec Landscape Accent by EcoSense
Versatile lighting for indoor or outdoor use.
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Linoleum by Armstrong Linoleum by Armstrong
Certified 100% biobased.
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Cost-effective replacement for paper towel dispensers.
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Building Sustainability through Building Automation Building Information Modeling Saves B&W Pantex Nearly $10 Million In Construction Costs Spartan Hard Surface Disinfecting Wipes
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