Roof Surfacings 101

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Roof Resurfacing
Cool Roofs
Maintenance Tips
Is Single Ply Best?
Hail Impact
Products & Resources
Roofing Results - Presented by BUILDINGS
Roof Surfacings 101
How Cool Roofs Stack Up How Cool Roofs Stack Up
New York City charts 43-degree temperature drops on white roofs.
Roof Construction and Maintenance Roof Construction and Maintenance
Invest in maintenance for long-term cost savings.
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Protected, Vegetated, and More Protected, Vegetated, and More
Do we have it all wrong with single-ply membranes?
Roof Impact Roof Impact
A roof’s main goal is to keep water out – but should hail damage move to the top of the list?
PrisMAX SL by Varco Pruden Buildings PrisMAX SL
by Varco Pruden Buildings
  Safety Yellow PipeGuard by OMG Roofing Safety Yellow PipeGuard
by OMG Roofing
LiveRoof Maxx by LiveRoof LiveRoof Maxx
by LiveRoof
  EverGuard Extreme TPO by GAF Materials Corp EverGuard Extreme TPO
by GAF Materials Corp
Whitepaper Whitepaper
Next Generation Elastomeric Roof Coatings
  View our case studies Case Study
Large roof-mounted installation using Trina Solar’s TSM-PA05 Multicrystalline Modules
View Our Whitepapers Whitepaper
SaniGLAZE Tile & Grout Restoration
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Horizontal Lifeline for Working Heights

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