Are Open Offices The Inevitable Future?

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Next Generation Open Offices

Closing sidewalks or interior work space? Need to provide alternate pedestrian routes?

SafetyWall™ ADA-compliant Pedestrian Barricade provides obstacle-free, continuous guidance for pedestrians, especially those who are blind or have limited vision or mobility issues. SafetyWall is light enough for easy transport and set-up, sturdy enough to help support pedestrians in a fall.

SafetyWall is ideal for indoor use, by guiding pedestrians safely away from remodeling or routine maintenance projects.

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Close Looks: Classroom Furniture Close Looks: Classroom Furniture
Furniture plays a significant role in the classroom. Could your furniture choices improve your facility results?
Furniture Life Expectancy and You Furniture Life Expectancy and You
You already paid for it. Why not get the most out of it?

Do You Really Need New Furniture? Do You Really Need New Furniture?
It’s possible to save big with refurbishing options.
Individual Controls: Unlocking Open-Plan? Individual Controls: Unlocking Open-Plan?
Placing the occupant in control may be open-plan’s best kept secret.


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Seattle Municipal Tower

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