Protect Against Mass Shootings

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Buildings & Mass Shootings
Decrease Workplace Violence
Shelter in Place Planning
Waste Stream Auditing
E-Cycling Refresher
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The Role of Buildings in Mass Shootings

AIA Contract Documents

Protect your business with AIA Contract Documents and over 180+ time-tested legal contracts and forms that fit any project, large or small. With our new online service, ACD5, there’s no software to download. Access, edit, and share your documents online no matter if you have a Mac or PC. Manage all of your contracts and forms, on your terms, with ACD5.

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Decrease Workplace Violence with “Mindful Observing” Decrease Workplace Violence with “Mindful Observing”
Worried about workplace violence in your facility?
Create an Emergency Plan that Includes Sheltering Details Create an Emergency Plan that Includes Sheltering Details
When conditions outside get tough, where will building occupants go?

3 Ways to Improve Your Waste Diversion 3 Ways to Improve Your Waste Diversion
Use a waste stream audit to reduce hauling fees and generate recycling revenue.
E-Cycling Refresher E-Cycling Refresher
Jolt your recycling efforts.

Water Damage? COIT to the Rescue!

Just when you least expect it, the unimaginable can happen. Disaster can strike in the form of accidental fire, a powerful act of nature, or simply an unnoticed burst pipe. Damage can get worse if not dealt with immediately. COIT is a full service Cleaning & Disaster Restoration company that can uniquely handle your entire mitigation and specialty cleaning within one hour to reduce further property damage.

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IK-WD04A IK-WD04A Mini Camera
Indoor monitoring
  Mixx seating Mixx
Collaborative seating
SlimStyle SlimStyle
Incandescent replacement
  Von Duprin 98/99 Series Rim Von Duprin 98/99 Series Rim
Exit device
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Rooftop Photovoltaics
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Planning Guide for Accessible Restrooms
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Saving $900k while increasing quality and sustainability
  View our Case Studies Case Study
VRF Systems Ideal for Patient Comfort and Energy Savings

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