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When to Hire a Roof Observer
Does Your Roof Measure Up?

Roofing membrane thickness is a key determinant to longevity, durability and weldability. Sika’s Thickness Guarantee program goes beyond industry standards and ensures that all Sarnafil® branded membranes meet or exceed labeled thickness. Under industry standards, roofing membranes can be manufactured up to 10% below advertised thickness, meaning that a 60 mil membrane could actually be only 54 mils!

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Is Your Roof Warranty Really Protecting You? Is Your Roof Warranty Really Protecting You?
Read the fine print or risk voiding your coverage.
The Hole Story The Hole Story
Why do roofs fail early?

Low-Slope Roofing and Rain Low-Slope Roofing and Rain
Spring rains could be a game-changer for your roof.
4 Strategies for Green Roof Maintenance 4 Strategies for Green Roof Maintenance
Take these precautions to make sure your green roof survives and thrives.
Be a Maker. Build a Better Building with Butler.

Make the decision to think differently about your buildings. Your construction budget is only 10% of your buildings’ overall costs. That means 90% of your total building cost is incurred operating the building. When you collaborate with Butler your building becomes more than a space to do business – it’s a way to boost your bottom line. Make a difference. Make a bold decision. Be a Maker.

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Snofree Roof System Snofree Roof System
Protect against ice
  EasyHeat EasyHeat
Self-regulating heaters
SunLite Strip SunLite Strip
  238T 238T
Standing seam roof
Whitepaper Whitepaper
An Improved Active Front End Non- Regenerative Rectifier System Employing a Five-Limb Inductor
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Connectrac Corporate Solutions: Altoon Partners
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Metomic Catalog
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Antelope Valley Union High School District

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