Cost Plummets for Solar-Generated Power

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Solar Power Price Drops
Research: Solar Cells
Navy Saves with Controls
Pest Control Tips
Power Outages Increase
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Plummeting kWh Cost for Solar-Generated Power
Trade In Your Data Logger and Save!

Get 40% off a HOBO® UX100 temp/RH data logger when you trade in your old model! The UX100 Series is Onset’s award-winning family of data loggers for tracking temperature and relative humidity in indoor environments.
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Biology to Impact Solar Cell Design   Biology to Impact Solar Cell Design
New insights into photosynthesis could drive renewable energy.
U.S. Navy Saves with Plug Load Controls   U.S. Navy Saves with Plug Load Controls
Energy-efficient technologies are yielding valuable results for the Navy.
Control Pests with Landscaping   Control Pests with Landscaping
Six tips to keep bugs and rodents at bay.
Power Outages Increase in 2013   Power Outages Increase in 2013
Be prepared for unplanned outages.

Aquatherm manufactures highly engineered plastic piping systems that are heat-fused together, meaning they bond at the molecular level. That means no toxic resins, no flames and no leak-paths! Aquatherm pipes are ideal for potable and chilled water, compressed air, heating distribution, direct-buried & other industrial applications. Aquatherm has been utilized for 40 years in Europe but is relatively new to North America. Facilities professionals across the nation are selecting Aquatherm’s long lasting, corrosion-resistant pipes.
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PlatinumPV Program PlatinumPV Program
Rooftop solar
  PV Circuit Breakers and Disconnect Switches PV Circuit Breakers and Disconnect Switches
Handles 600-1,000V systems
30kW PV Inverter 30kW PV Inverter
Supports standard arrays
  ConnecTable Solar Charging Stations ConnecTable Solar Charging Stations
Integrates into a table
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Site Selection for Mission Critical Facilities
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Wojan Window & Door Catalog
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Steam(less) in Seattle
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Ascent Media saves energy and goes green with help from McQuay frictionless chiller
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