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Exterior Lighting and Controls
Parking Facilities Slash Costs
Solutions for Lighting Problems
U.S. Army Solar Array
Sustainability Strategies
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Exterior Lighting and Controls
WaveStream™ LED Technology by Eaton’s Cooper Lighting Business

WaveStream™ LED technology is redefining lighting applications and aesthetics with unparalleled freedom of design, optical performance and brightness control – all at an affordable price. Eaton’s Cooper Lighting business has recently introduced a new line of products incorporating WaveStream™ LED technology that can offer up to 80 percent in energy and maintenance savings while providing unmatched performance.
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Learn more at www.cooperlighting.com/wavestream.
Parking Facilities Slash Energy by 90%   Parking Facilities Slash Energy by 90%
Lighting fixes target the bottom line.
Practical Solutions for Long-Term Lighting Problems   Practical Solutions for Long-Term Lighting Problems
Address maintenance, durability, and sustainability goals.
U.S. Army to Construct Largest Solar Array Yet   U.S. Army to Construct Largest Solar Array Yet
To be installed at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.
7 Sustainability Strategies   7 Sustainability Strategies
Curb emissions and save money with these tips.
Ultra Bright™
Natural White 24V Architectural Series

Temp: 4000-6000k

The Ultra Bright™ Series offers the brightest LED strip light on the market. When compared to other LED strip lights, you will see our Ultra Bright™ Natural White 24V provides 7,800 lumen output per 16 feet or 475 lumen per foot, far more than other strip lights. Offering low power consumption, this LED flex strip uses just 5.12 watts per foot and can be bent up to 90 degrees making it easy to install in many places.
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Replaces T5 fluorescents
  LED Tube Lights LED Tube Lights
Upgrade T8s
Par 46 Par 46
LED replacement
  LMH2 LED Module LMH2 LED Module
Sunset dimming
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Versatility of Thermal Mass Flow Meters
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The Bradley Advocate® AV-Series Lavatory System
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