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From Rags to Riches
Does Your Roof Measure Up?

Roofing membrane thickness is a key determinant to longevity, durability and weldability. Sika’s Thickness Guarantee program goes beyond industry standards and ensures that all Sarnafil® branded membranes meet or exceed labeled thickness. Under industry standards, roofing membranes can be manufactured up to 10% below advertised thickness, meaning that a 60 mil membrane could actually be only 54 mils!
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Asphalt: Is the King of Roofing Materials Dead?   Asphalt: Is the King of Roofing Materials Dead?
Classic bitumen still reigns as a cost-effective roofing solution.
Beefing Up Low Slope Roofing Installation   Beefing Up Low-Slope Roofing Installation
Recent innovations in roofing methods.
Low-Slope Roofing and Rain   Low-Slope Roofing and Rain
Spring rains could be a game-changer for your roof.
Extend Service Life for a Sustainable Roof   Extend Service Life for a Sustainable Roof
The greenest roof is the one you already have.
Skylights from Major Industries, Inc.

LightBasic™ Quick Ship™ single slope skylights are pre-engineered and ship assembled in a number of standard sizes from 4ft. by 4ft. up to 5 ft by 20 ft, and offer two sheet color options, can be insulated, and come standard with a durable clear anodized finish. They also feature a self-flashing design that makes them easy to install, and utilize a 100% acrylic-based AcrylitGC® face sheet for long-term dependability and light control.
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Integrated Solar TPO Roof Integrated Solar TPO Roof
Attach PV panels
  DEXcell DEXcell
Roof boards
Polyfresko G SA Polyfresko G SA
Reflective cap sheet
  Maxima And Melodie Clay Roof Tiles Maxima and Melodie
Roof Tiles

Interlocking clay tiles
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Versatility of Thermal Mass Flow Meters
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Self-Contained, Ceiling-Mount Air Conditioner Cools Health-Clinic Data Room
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Asset Management Solutions for Facilities
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Butler Manufacturing™ LEED® Project Profile - Rockwell Collins

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