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The Impact of Climate on High-Performance Facades

Multi-Mon Branch Circuit Monitor Flexible Metering
Solutions From E-Mon D-Mon

Visit Our SponsorThe E-Mon D-Mon Multi-Mon is a multiple branch circuit energy monitor that collects granular energy intelligence data for tenant billing, cost allocation and energy management in multi-family, commercial, industrial, data center and other branch circuit monitoring applications. Multi-Mon can accommodate up to 36 metering points, giving total flexibility for configuration of up to 36 single-phase, 18 two-phase, 12, three-phase or any combination thereof. Multi-Mon offers an off-the-shelf, “custom standard” solution for just about any branch circuit monitoring need.

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Insulate Yourself from Green Claims  Data Loggers Identify Hidden Energy Waste
The devices are providing increased value as facilities gain familiarity with the technology’s benefits.
Affordable Near-Zero Strategies for Your Building Exemplifying Energy Management: Meeting Massive Goals
Power metering is a continuous operations effort at this Canadian facility.




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Visit Our SponsorCarrier’s new generation of VRF systems includes heat recovery units under the name Toshiba Carrier SHRM-i, which deliver innovative technology that optimizes and balances each component in the system to enhance reliability and efficiency. Toshiba Carrier VRF offers adaptive compressor control down to 0.1 Hz, which increases the efficiency of the equipment while improving comfort as well. An enhanced oil management system provides superior reliability; unique piping options afford flexibility in design and installation; and jobsite wiring is greatly reduced, thanks to the innovative product design.

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An Unlikely Source of Legionella Infection Curbing the Energy Curve
An inch-deep, mile-wide strategy carries energy management across the portfolio of Duke Realty.
Industrial Symbiosis: A Hidden Opportunity What’s All the Hype about Big Data and Energy Analytics
Many companies already have LEED certifications and sustainability programs. What can analytics software do for them?
On-Floor Wireway

Visit Our SponsorThe Connectrac On-Floor Wireway installs directly on top of any type of flooring. It is the industry’s latest alternative to core drilling and trenching for access to power and technology in open spaces. Extremely durable and low profile, the wireway offers a wide array of power, AV and telecom connectivity options. The Connectrac On-Floor Wireway leads the industry in both ease of installation and capacity, and is the best solution when flexibility and value are critical.

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Koda XT Power Xpert Multi-Point
Aggregate data

Heat Mirror Insulating Glass VerifEye Multi-Point Meters
Simplifies BAS
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Integrated workplace management - build a business case for IWMS software
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Retail Dark Stores: Rite Aid

MEL-ROLBridge Data Manager
Create energy leaderboards

Targa eSight
Energy management software
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MovinCool® The #1 Spot cooling Solution
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Nature Research Center North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
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