Using Project Databases and Leak Equations for Energy Payback

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New LED Features Shine

Solutions for Smart, Efficient
and Sustainable Buildings

Visit Our SponsorManaging energy and operational efficiency is critical to maintaining your facility’s overall value. Siemens experts have answers tailored to meet your specific needs and budget constraints. With strategies, systems, services and financing options designed to maximize building performance, we can help your building reach peak efficiency at any stage in its life cycle. Greater efficiency means less waste, an improved environmental impact and more for your bottom line.

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6 Considerations for Solid-State Lighting 3 Roadblocks to Funding Energy Projects
What will it take to get your efficiency project approved?
LED Lighting Prices Projected to Fall Tax Tools for Energy Projects
Enlist accountants as your secret weapon for justifying action.




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New! HOBO Plug Load Data Logger

Visit Our SponsorProfessional-grade HOBO Plug Load Logger from Onset is a high-accuracy, easy-to-deploy data logger for measuring power and energy consumption of 120V office equipment plug loads to identify energy savings opportunities in commercial buildings.

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Shining Light on LED Prices and Paybacks Jumping the Financial Hurdle on Energy Projects
Mitigate risk to achieve success.
New Materials Improve LED Performance 7 Key Selling Points for Energy Projects
The following advice will help you find funding in a period of underspending.
Multi-Mon Branch Circuit Monitor
Flexible Metering Solutions From E-Mon D-Mon

Visit Our SponsorThe E-Mon D-Mon Multi-Mon is a multiple branch circuit energy monitor that collects granular energy intelligence data for tenant billing, cost allocation and energy management in multi-family, commercial, industrial, data center and other branch circuit monitoring applications. Multi-Mon can accommodate up to 36 metering points, giving total flexibility for configuration of up to 36 single-phase, 18 two-phase, 12, three-phase or any combination thereof. Multi-Mon offers an off-the-shelf, “custom standard” solution for just about any branch circuit monitoring need.

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Multi V IV xCella Wireless
Lighting controls

Vantage Point Solar Indirect Water Heaters
80% energy savings
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Next Generation Elastomeric Roof Coatings
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Stop Core Drilling & Trenching

OLED Marker Light SeriesHOBO Plug Load Logger
Records energy consumption

Energy Recovery Wheels Energy Efficiency Education Dashboards
Real-time building performance
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