How to Measure the Unseen Benefits of Energy Efficiency

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New LED Features Shine

Solutions for Smart, Efficient
and Sustainable Buildings

Visit Our SponsorManaging energy and operational efficiency is critical to maintaining your facility’s overall value. Siemens experts have answers tailored to meet your specific needs and budget constraints. With strategies, systems, services and financing options designed to maximize building performance, we can help your building reach peak efficiency at any stage in its life cycle. Greater efficiency means less waste, an improved environmental impact and more for your bottom line.

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6 Considerations for Solid-State Lighting Boosting Energy Performance in Federal Facilities
The government seeks to lead by example in energy management.
LED Lighting Prices Projected to Fall GSA’s Smart Occupancy Delivers Green to Taxpayers
Learn how GSA’s badging system is tied to HVAC and lighting.




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Achieving the Promise of Long Life with LED Luminaires

Visit Our SponsorImagine a luminaire delivering energy-efficient light for 10 years before the light source needs to be replaced. That benefits your building, your occupants, your operations, and your bottom line. Finelite, a 23-year-old domestic lighting systems manufacturer, provides a 10-year performance-based warranty with our LED luminaires covering all the key components: the LED light engine, the LED driver, the diffuser and the luminaire body. Click to watch a video about the technology behind our warranty.

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Shining Light on LED Prices and Paybacks Data Centers Are Still Too Inefficient
Cutting server room consumption by 40% could save over $3 billion annually.
New Materials Improve LED Performance ENERGY STAR Certifies Mobile Computers
Tablets, slates, and more now eligible for efficiency designation.

Utility Rebates Made Simple

Visit Our SponsorEvery year utilities offer millions of dollars in rebates and incentives to encourage you to install high-efficiency equipment such as LED lighting. The problem is navigating the process. The Graybar PowerSmart® Rebate Advantage Tool takes the hassle out of securing energy rebates and incentives. We use a powerful tool that’s different.

  • 98% accuracy and 100% U.S. zip code coverage
  • Guidance through deadlines, paperwork and approval processing
  • Single unit, multi-site and multi-state projects all applicable

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Multi V IV Fluorescent Light Tester
Simplifies maintenance

Vantage Point gForce Ultra
Variable speed CRAC unit
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Versatility of Thermal Mass Flow Meters
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OLED Marker Light SeriesCleanSource 750HD UPS
Reduce system failure by 21%

Energy Recovery Wheels Uniflair LE HDCV
20% higher cooling capacity
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IntelaSun Catalog
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Connectrac Corporate Solutions: The Food Network
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