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The Low- Down on Low-Flows


Save time and money with FLIR IGM

Visit Our SponsorWhat if you could identify the precise location of a problem invisible to the naked eye? Introducing FLIR Infrared Guided Measurement™, our thermal technology designed to save you time and keep you safe from potentially dangerous situations. IGM™ uses the power of a FLIR Lepton® thermal imaging sensor to guide you to the precise spot that may require further testing and investigation.

To learn more and see the full range of IGM products, visit our website.

Fast Fixes for Thermal Comfort
Resolve occupant complaints by improving your HVAC performance.
Composting Toilets – The Next Sustainable Frontier Workplace Temperatures Can Cause Conflict
Poor thermal comfort hurts productivity, creates conflict.
Composting Toilets – The Next Sustainable Frontier Stay Cool: 6 Tips to Maintain Thermal Comfort
Save energy and hassle with these smart strategies.
Composting Toilets – The Next Sustainable Frontier Thermal Comfort Survey
Use this tool to identify areas that are too hot or cold.






H2OExcel Eclipse Maxi LEDs
110 lumens per watt

SolarSmartAccess Control Manager
Centrally manage permissions
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Slash energy spending and stabilize the power supply
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How spot air conditioners can save on cooling.

Folded Towel DispenserEmoji
Ergonomic desks and seats

Folded Towel DispenserEasy Trap Duster System
Holds six times more particles

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A full range of options to display your building’s signage.
Modular system provides power without core drilling..
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